Living Room Design

River welcomes you to our living room! 

This was one of the first rooms in our little house that I tackled and that was mainly because of the awkward positioning of the fireplace and lack of somewhere to properly put the TV. Unfortunately, this room can be a little on the darker side as far as natural light goes, so keeping the TV in front of the windows was not the best of options. Because of this, I originally had the TV on the opposing wall to the fireplace, yea I don't suggest that unless you want a kink in your neck. 

Living room, transitional living room

With new lighting, window treatments, and furniture I was really able to make this space my own. Previously there was a single lamp in this room and in a space that was so dark to begin with, I knew I had to add a light fixture.

black shiplap fireplace, tv above fireplace

The main transformation in the room is the fireplace. You'll see that I removed the soffit that surrounded it (before pictures below!) to allow me to hang the TV above the fireplace. I had it wrapped in ship-lap and painted black and called it a day. What a transformation! This allowed me to move the sectional to the wall opposing the TV and fireplace since that's the main focal point in the room. 

One of these days I'll get around to changing the flooring throughout the house, but for now this not-so-pretty laminate remains in every room. I've been able to work around it by adding rugs that draw the eye to those spaces rather than the flooring. 

I always love to add greenery (in my case faux) just to help bring the outdoors in and add some color. I typically prefer more neutral colors so adding plants brings the room to life. I have this adorable (extremely realistic I might add) fern above, and you'll see I have a fiddle leaf fig as well as an olive tree next to the fireplace. 

fiddle leaf fig, rustic ladder, living room

I know myself and I know that I'll always be changing out pillows and decor pieces as the seasons change, but overall I'm in love with how this room turned out. 

black marble table, shiplap fireplace

Before we go any further, I just want to reiterate that it was River that welcomed you to our living room and as you can tell, she doesn't clean very well based on that table base... haha!

Something that I did that was kind of unexpected was add this round table to the wall next to the fireplace. This room is fairly wide and I just felt like it needed something there. I could have added a chair, but I felt it would almost be out of place since it's so far from the sofa. Don't be afraid to try new things like adding a dining room table to your living room!

Now the moment you've all been waiting for, or maybe just me... the before pictures!

As you can see it was dark and dreary. I honestly didn't love spending my time there. With a few simple changes it made all the difference. 

Thank you for joining us in our living room and I hope I've inspired you to change a thing or two within a space you don't particularly love. 


Wall Paint: Dunn Edwards - Swiss Coffee

Fireplace Paint: Sherwin Williams - Tricorn Black

Sofa: West Elm

Rug: West Elm

Coffee Table: Living Spaces

Side Table: Living Spaces

Marble Round Table: World Market

Light Fixture: Lowes

Lamp: World Market


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