How to Make Your Haven, Your Home

As most of you can agree, we've been spending a lot of time at home these days. Enough time to realize you need to spruce up that bathroom or change out that area rug in the living room. It's easy for your house to turn into a place of mundaneness and monotonousness. After, weeks on end of staring at the same walls you might be wondering how to get out of that rut. 

Well, I'm here to help. 

I'm hoping to share some solutions that will assist in making your haven, your home. Who doesn't want to call their house a place of sanctuary and refuge? I know I sure do. Let's start with a few quick tips for swapping out that mundaneness for something more extraordinary.

1. Let the Light Shine. Open up those window coverings, take a paint roller to that dark and dingy room, or hang mirrors to reflect the light. It's been proven that our mental health responds positively to natural light. The more light and bright the room, the bigger it feels. Try going with a lighter color on the walls and using darker pieces to accent as opposed to drowning the room with them. You'll feel better, trust us. 

2. Organization. Clean out those cabinets, hide the kid's toys, and create specific places for all the "stuff". Hiding the clutter will give you that sigh of relief, in turn, giving you a relaxed feeling when you walk into your home. We suggest looking into baskets or canisters that not only look pretty but do the job of hiding the clutter. 

3. Turn up the Sound. Believe it or not, sound plays a big role in our emotions. Turn on that podcast or some music you know will make you happy. You'll be feeling like you're in your haven in no time. 

4. Talk about the Bedroom. Why is it so hard to make the bed? Maybe because your wife bought way too many pillows and they all kind of have a permanent home in the corner of your room? Well, we suggest picking those up every morning and putting those pillows where they actually belong. We can assure you that every time you walk into that room throughout the day, you'll be glad you did.

5. Fresh Flowers or Plants.  Not only are these beauties fresh and colorful, but there's a good chance they'll bring some delightful scent along with them. They are a great focal point to any decor and the satisfaction of caring for them can contribute to a sense of accomplishment. 

6. Make it Cozy. Investing in a blanket or throw might give you more than you bargained for. They can't help but be inviting and they'll help transform that standard living room sofa to something that pulls you in and makes you never want to leave. 

7. Personalize it. Make your house, your home. Add those pictures of your kids to the walls and create a style that reflects your personality. You're never going to regret turning a place you live into something personalized. It'll feel like yours. 

    I hope these few tips assist you in achieving your haven in your home. Let me know below if what tips you might have to elevate your sanctuary. 


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