How to Add Character to a House

Not all of us are fortunate enough to live on a beautiful tree lined street where every house looks different than the next. If you live anywhere like me (Las Vegas, Nevada) you'll understand the struggle of passing a friends house you've been to 5+ times just because every house looks the same!

Well unfortunately, that includes the interior of the homes too. I'm here to hopefully give you some ideas that will transform your house to add that much desigered character that it's potentially lacking. 

1. Adding Trim Work

I'm talking thicker baseboards, crown molding, trim around the windows. You the know the stuff you probably don't really notice, but man does it pull a room together. These little details are the definition of character and unfortunately, most builder grade homes lack these simple features. This is a great inexpensive way to help your home stand out from the rest. 

Window Trim

2. Wall Treatments

While a little more expensive than trim work, wall treatments are a great way to give your room a boost of energy. It's something unexpected that showcases your personal style and brings in that much needed character. Shiplap walls are a great place to start and can be painted either the same color as the surrounding walls or an accent color to help it stand out. 

Wall Treatments

3. Window Coverings

Adding window coverings to your windows will absolutely transform any room. Not only are they a necessity, but they can be beautiful. Keeping your personal style in mind, it's an easy way to dress up a window and add dimension. I personally love wood shades paired with curtains as I did in my living room

Window Coverings

4. Take Advantage of Blank Space

This somewhat goes for any space, but especially one that lacks character. It's easy to forget about that little nook you have in your hallway or an area of your home that is quite bland but you just kind of ignore it. Well now it's time to take advantage of that blank space and dress it up a bit. Add a mirror and a plant next to it if it's a tight area, get a skinny console table in that extra wide hallway you might have, etc. You never want to overwhelm your space, but you do want to make sure it looks like someone lives there and cares about every nook and cranny of it. 


5. Add Lighting

Change out those builder grade light fixtures and personalize your space with something you love. Not only will this help with drawing your eye to something beautiful, but it will give your room so much personality. They always say that adding lighting to a room is equivalent to adding jewelry to an outfit. While it's not always necessary to have beautiful lighting, it sure makes a difference. 


6. Changing Your Hardware

Your hardware includes your doorknobs, kitchen cabinets, bathroom fixtures etc. While they might be minor details, they aid to dress up the space and help it to feel less builder grade. It's also fun to mix the metals in your home to change things up a bit. I personally love mixing brass with black hardware these days.


There are so many fun ways to add character to your home and I hope these few simple ideas inspire you in your own house.


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