Decorating Your Home for Fall

There's nothing like that crisp fall air... must be nice for those of you who don't live in a warmer climate and actually get to enjoy those cooler temps! Living in Las Vegas means fall temperature hangs out around 80-85 degrees... not quite what I would consider fall temps. Regardless, we make the best of it! It's actually one of my favorite times of year here. The summers are so warm it makes it tough to enjoy the outdoors, fall is a welcome sight when the days start cooling off yet it's still warm enough to enjoy the pool or the lake. 

Every year around mid August, Andrew starts begging to unbox those fall decorations and every year I tell him not until at least Mid-September. I love the idea of decorating for fall, but I also know the sooner I put it out, the longer I have to look at it. I try to wait until at least the middle of September before I start decorating indoors. We do have to wait until early October or so on the exterior of the house just because it's still pretty warm and those pumpkins wouldn't last long.

Well we've done our decorating and I thought I'd show you around! I love the idea of minimalistic decorating for holiday decor and wanted to share some tips and tricks with you that might assist you in decorating your home for fall as well. 

I've swapped out my table decor in the living room for something more neutral to balance out the bold fall colors above. The branches and pumpkin I bought from Hobby Lobby last year I believe. The vases are from Kirkland's Home. It's quite simple honestly, just throw some branches into a vase! I don't usually love decorating with fall leaves just because most the time they feel and look faux. While they usually are faux, I just prefer an unexpected branch in those same fall colors. 

We can all thank the Target dollar spot for a thing or two (okay maybe more times than we can count). These adorable little pumpkins were a fun find. I've sprinkled them throughout the house to bring the taste of fall into some unexpected places. They are the perfect size and also come in a burnt orange color. 


Another Target find! I just loved the neutral faux wheat plant as a backdrop for these Hobby Lobby velvet pumpkins that I threw in bowl. I tried to stick to a darker, burnt orange and cream this year as my theme. I love decorating with green pumpkins as well, but I don't love mixing them with orange. Andrew would never let me get away without those traditional fall colors, so orange it is!

Last but not least, I spruced up this little table in my dining room just to bring a little fall in. I don't love this table, but I'll soon be knocking down the wall behind it allowing me to renovate my kitchen. I can't wait to share more on that process. When the time comes, you better believe I'll be bringing you all along for the ride. 

Decorating for fall doesn't have to be anything too drastic. I know we all lead busy lives and sometimes taking the time to decorate for a season other than Christmas doesn't always seem necessary. When we simplify it, it becomes more achievable and something we actually can get excited about. 

It's hard to believe the next season I'll be sharing with you all is Christmas! 


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